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Is Prague for kids?

Is Prague good vacation destination for children? Yes! And no...

kids in Prague

Depends what are you looking for - are you interested in a Disney style vacation filled with attractions and kid friendly everything...then no, Prague is not a good destination for you and you may want to come for a romantic weekend with your spouse instead or wait for the little ones to grow a bit more.

Are you looking to spend slightly more grown up style vacation, soak your kids in history, art and traditions? Prague is the place for you. Naturally you may want to throw in some "kid"fun for your children between the visits of historical sites and museums - there are several nice playground directly in the downtown of Prague:

  • by the Charles Bridge - on the Lesser Quarter site

  • at Kampa - small one, but cute, in the middle of the park

  • Frantiskanska garden - this one is bit tricky, get a map, it is hidden behind passage Svetozor, so only few steps from Wenceslav Square

Plus the Letna park - take tram 12,20 or 18 from downtown to station Chotkovy Sady and the whole Letna park is right in front of you - you can find 3! playgrounds in this big area as well as few refreshment stands, beer garden and the famous Metronom.

Moving along - did we mention there are 2 major toy stores between the Old Town Square and Wenceslas Square - Sparkys and Hamley's. You may have been to the one in London - We dare to say this one is tiny bit nicer 😉.

Snack, treats or bribes for the little ones with tired feet

When you are at the playground in Frantiskanska garden, stop by the ice cream and cake shop Svetozor, serving ice cream with a long tradition, thus you always find a long line of locals waiting for their treat in summer.

Trdelnik - this one is a hot topic... Trdelnik is not a traditional Czech pastry and is mostly bit overprices...BUT it is also pretty darn good, delicious we dare to say.

If you look for a healthy snack, don't be afraid to shop at local markets - fruit, veggies and some local cheese and sausage specialities.

How about a nice trip outside of Prague?

Karlstejn castle is a short 45 min train ride from Prague, wear good shoes and be ready for a hike - it is a castle thus it was built on a hill. Fairly steep hill.

Mirakulum - outdoor playground paradise for children. You can also take a train to get there.

Techmania will keep busy the kids as well as adults, but it is 1,5h out of Prague, you may consider a sleepover in Plzen as it offers way more than you can manage in one day.

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