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TEAMBUILDING and corporate events

Teambuilding Praha

Would you like to go out with your colleagues? Are you a good team and do you enjoy your free time together? Or, on the contrary, do you not feel like a team and would you like to experience something interesting and fun together that would unite you and strengthen your corporate spirit?

Either way, we have a solution for both types of teams: visit our entertainment center Prague Golf & Games and we will create an event that will suit your entire team, so that everyone will have fun and you will have a lot of memories in common.

Activities we offer for team building and company events:


Black light adventure mini golf- 18 holes of indoor minigolf in an environment of UV lights - everything shines! Everything that is painted with UV paint – balls, sticks, wall decorations and maybe even your face, because we also offer face paint for free use. 

You can also play billiards or ping pong.

Arcade games- foosball, air hockey, stacker, boxer or pinball - lots of other fun

with the opportunity to test your skills. For company events, we can prepare credit in the amount of e.g. 500 CZK or 1000 CZK or more in 10 CZK coins, so your team can freely enjoy playing all arcade games without having to search for coins in your pockets.

Drinks and snacks:

After all that activity, you'll probably be thirsty   and maybe even hungry. We offer a wide range of soft drinks produced by Kofola, several types of beer Staropramen, Stella Artois, cider Carling or Frisco. All in the glass, not spun or bottled.

As for small snacks, we can offer chips and chocolates.

If you are planning a larger team building, you can arrange with your favorite catering company, but we can highly recommend Party Talíř.

In the case of catering, the entire mini golf course must be reserved for a private event.

Teambuilding Praha
Teambuilding Praha
Teambuilding Praha
Teambuilding Praha
Teambuilding Praha

Examples of orders for corporate events:

Teambuilding for 30 players - 3 hours

  • 18 holes of black light adventure mini golf

  • 2 drinks each

  • 1000 CZK tokens for arcade games

  • free use of billiards and ping pong

  • group discount for mini golf

  • price from 27,000 CZK plus catering, including private reservation

Teambuilding for a small team of 10 players - 1.5 - 2 hours

  • 18 holes of black light adventure mini golf

  • 500 tokens for arcade games

  • free use of billiards and ping pong

  • price from 3500 CZK

After mini golf, small groups can use several great restaurants in the immediate vicinity: Max's steakhouse, Kmotra pizzeria and others.


Above mentioned cases are just examples of orders, final price is calculated individually.

Email us at and we will agree together.

We recommend planning private events at least a month in advance. 

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