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Prague Golf & Games

Opatovická 18, Praha 1

Tel: 723 658 293

733 461 444 (English customers) 

Operated by: JMNC Golf s.r.o.

Opatovická 18, Praha 1

IČO: 03159396 VAT: CZ03159396

zapsáno u Městského soudu v Praze pod spisovou značkou C 228229

bank connection 8162155001/5500 Raiffeisenbank


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We love all kinds of games, so we decided to offer you board games for rent - you can take them

to the park, to the office or home and play with family and friends. You can find more information and a complete offer on our website, which specializes in board games:


How does it work?

  1. Choose a game from our menu.

  2. You can also book the game in advance by calling +420 723 658 293 or emailing

  3. Pick up the game at any time between 1pm and 9pm. 

  4. Choose how long you want to borrow it.

  5. Pay at the checkout and sign a loan agreement.

  6. Play, have fun and enjoy or watch our instructional videos on Youtube . 

  7. Return the game on the agreed date and choose another game;)

deskove hry
pujcovna deskovych her praha

What games can I borrow?

Our list is expanding daily. These are the most popular games in the categories. You can find the full list here: DESKA BAR.


Bad people, EN 

Bad people, red expansion, EN

Bears vs babies, EN

Bucket of Doom, EN

Cards against humanity, EN

Cards against humanity, blue box, EN

Cards against humanity, red box, EN

Cards against humanity, green box, EN

Desiatka, SK

Exploding kittens, EN

Fame, EN

Mind the gap, EN

On a scale of one to Trex, EN

Taco vs Burrito, EN

Taco, cat, goat, cheese pizza, CZ

These cards will get you drunk, EN

Think words, EN

Throw throw burrito, EN

Explosive kittens, CZ

Yahtzee, EN

Deadwood 1876, EN

Tortuga 1667, EN

Tacocat, EN

5 second rule, EN

Exploding minions, EN

Exploding kittens NSFW, EN¨

Explorers of the North Sea, EN

Brothers, EN

Colt Express, GE

Codenames, EN

Cover names, ČJ

Codenames Duet, EN

Codenames Disney, EN

Dixit, CJ

Dos, EN

Dutch Blitz, EN

Dutch Blitz extension, EN

Hand to Hand Wombat, EN

Happy little dinosaurs, EN

Happy, Salmon, EN

Herd mentality, EN

Hidden gems bundle, EN

I should have known that!, EN

I spy, EN


Mafia, EN

No way!, EN

Throw throw Avocado, EN

Throw throw Burrito!, EN

P for pizza, EN

Pac-man, EN

Poetry for Neanderthals, EN

Poo Pocalypse, EN

Secret Hitler, EN

These cards will get you drunk, EN

Quiddler, EN

Quoridor, EN

Qwixx, EN

Ramen Fury, EN

Randomize, EN

Salem 1692, EN

Sussed blue, EN

Sussed yellow, EN


Fruit salad, CZ

Parents vs kids, EN

Penguins on Ice, CZ

Rubiks, EN

Snakes & ladders travel supplement, EN

The mysterious castle, CZ

The secret expedition of child-bearers, CZ

Three nuts for a squirrel, CZ

Tyrannosaurus REX, EN

Qwixx, EN

Cool runnings, EN

7 seas, EN

Magic cubes, ČJ

Spirit, ČJ

Fantastic Park, ČJ

History of the Czech Nation, ČJ

Diamond, EN

Draconium, ČJ

Dragomino, ČJ

Dragon Castle, EN

Charles IV., ČJ

On the meadow, ČJ

Pirate treasure, ČJ

Know the flags, ČJ

Monsters from the closet, ČJ

Family, ČJ

Rubik's Race, EN

Sabordage, EN

Saboteur, ČJ

Sleeping Queens, ČJ

Spinderella, ČJ

Spirit Island, EN

Haunted Castle, ČJ

Cockroach salad, ČJ

Taco cat goat cheese pizza, ČJ

Tacocat, EN

The Secret Castle, ČJ

Secret expedition of wizards, ČJ

Mysterious Realms, ČJ


Carcassonne. CZ

Carcassonne Safari, CZ

Carcassonne Star Wars, CZ

Carcassonne Gold Rush, CZ

Fronta, CZ

Game of trains, EN

Ice Cool 1. CZ

ice Cool 2, CZ

Ingenious, CZ

Jumanji, EN

By truck across Europe, CZ

Karak, Regent extension, CZ

Karak, CZ

Kartografove, CZ

Kingdomino, CZ

London board game, EN

Monopoly, EN

Monopoly Fortnite, EN

Monopoly LOL, EN

Mysterium, CZ

On the wings, CZ

On the wings, the expansion of the European squadron, CZ

Queendomino, CZ

Quoridor. CZ

Risk. EN

Robinson Crusoe, CZ

Betting and horse racing, CZ

Scrabble, EN

Scrabble Art Deco, EN

Sequence, CZ

Mysterious Empire, CZ

Tickets please! Europe. CZ


Carcassonne big box, CZ

Zug um zug, GE

Ticket to ride, EN



Sushi Go

Holi, EN 

Everdell, EN

Coatl, CZ

Parks, EN

Parks, Nightfall extension, EN

Bluffaneer, EN

Jaipur, EN

Santorini, EN

How was it once?, SL

Arnak, EN

Arnak, expedition commanders, ČJ

Cartographers Heroes, EN

Grounded for life, EN

Gret migration, EN

Everdell Bellfaire, EN

Everdell Pearlbrook, EN

Everdell Skáloveží, ČJ

Cascadia, EN

Horse racing and betting, ČJ

Habitats, EN

Mushroom Paradise, ČJ

Imperial Assault, EN

Jabba's Place, EN

Tickets please! Europe, ČJ

Keyflower, EN

Kids against maturity, EN

 Kingdomino Duel, EN

Concept, ČJ

The Kvedlalovs from Kvedlinburk, Alchymici, ČJ

KVedlal family from Kvedlinburk, ČJ

Gourmets, ČJ

Las Vegas, EN

Living Forest, EN

Treasure hunters, ČJ

We love the Czechia, the Czech Republic

Port Royal, Czech Republic

Port Royal, extension, ČJ

Shut the box, EN

Queendomino, ČJ

Sagrada, EN

Santorini, EN

Scrabble, EN

Scrabble Art Deco, EN¨

Solo, EN

Sonic, EN

Summer Camp, EN

Super farmer, Ranch, ČJ

Sushi go party!, EN

Tarantula Tango, ČJ

Tetris, EN

The Goonies, ČJ

The great game of Britain, EN

The London board game, EN

The world game, EN


1989, CZ

7 Wonders, EN

7 Wonders DUEL

Catan, CZ

Catan duel, CZ

Catan starfighters, CZ

Catan night watch, CZ

Catan Inca Empire, CZ

Catan expansion for 5-6 players, CZ

Chess, CZ

Citadel of Time, CZ

Dead Men Tell No Tales, EN

Eldritch Horror, CZ

Ethnos, CZ

Fallout, CZ

Fallout, expansion new California, CZ

Grail, Fall of Avalon, CZ/EN

Hunt for the Ring, CZ

Game of Thrones, CZ

Hypergrid, EN

London, England

Masters of renaissance, EN

A new story of civilization, CZ

Othello. CZ

Pipeline, EN

First Martians, CZ

Risk, EN

Risk God storm, EN

Risk  Game of Thrones, EN

Scythe, EN

Summoners wars, CZ

Tainted Grail, EN

Talisman, EN

Talisman, CZ

Talisman extension I, EN

Talisman extension II, EN

The war of mine, extension of the story of the city of rubble, CZ

Ubongo, hunting for diamonds, CZ

War of the ring, EN

Watergate, EN

Welcome to your perfect home, EN

Viscounts, EN

Prague Caput Regni, EN

7 wonders of the world – Architects, ČJ

7 wonders, extension Cities, EN

7 wonders, extension Leaders, EN

Adventure Time, EN


Aquatica, EN

Architects of the West Kingdom, EN

Ark Nova, EN

Armageddon, EN

Barenpark, ČJ

Beer and bread, EN

Civilization, EN

Cortex, EN

Crew, EN

Pharaoh, ČJ

Feed the Kraken, EN

Fleet, EN

Fuji Koro, EN

Gloomhaven, EN

Golem, EN

Diplomacy, EN

Dune, EN

Dungeons, dice and danger, EN

Dungeonville, EN

El Dorado, ČJ

Endeavor age of sail, EN

Epic dungeons, EN

Guns and steel, EN

Jaws, EN

Godfather, ČJ

Loot, EN

Love letters, EN

Macao, EN

Mall of horror, EN

Marvel Champions, EN

Medici, EN

MErcado de Lisboa, EN

Merchants of the dark road, EN

Nova Luna, ČJ

Origins, EN

Orlog, EN

Paladins of the West Kingdom, EN

Mr. AM, EN

Paris, EN

Photosynthesis, EN

Pipeline, EN

Plunder, EN

Praga Caput Regni, EN

First Martians, ČJ

Red Rising, EN

Risk, EN

Raiders of the North Sea, EN

Risk Godstorm, EN

Robinson Crusoe, CJ

Root, EN

The flourishing of crafts, ČJ

Scythe, EN

Sequence, EN

Shipwrights of the North Sea, EN

Skull king, EN

Sleeping Gods, EN

Soundilicous, EN

Space Park, EN

Struggle of empires, EN

Successors, ČJ

Summoner Wars, EN

Talisman, ČJ

Talisman, EN

Talisman Harry Potter, EN

Through the ages!, ČJ

How much does it cost and for how long?

A rental fee of CZK 50 is calculated for each day of the rental.

The deposit for the loan is CZK 1,000.



Which games can I borrow?

You can view the full list of games here. All games are available for rent, but you can rent some at the time of your inquiry, so first check with us to see if the game is available.


How long can I borrow the game?

You can rent the game for 2 days or 1 week, it's up to you.

Where can I borrow games?

In our Prague Golf & Games store in Prague 1, Opatovická 18. Daily from 1 pm to 9 pm

Why do I have to pay a deposit?

In the event of damage to the game or if you forgot to return the game, you will be charged for the damage.


Why can't I see my favorite game on the list?

We have a wide range of games, but we don't have all the board games available yet, so if you miss your favorite game on our list, please let us know and see if we can add it to our list.

Do you deliver?

Not yet, but we're planning it.

Can you help me choose a game?

Yes we can! Contact us by email or call us with questions and we will help you choose the best game for you.

If I like the game, can I buy it from you?

We do not sell board games at this time.

Can I extend my rent?

Yes, if you enjoy board games, you can extend the rental time.

What happens if I don't return the game?

If you do not return the game on time and do not contact us, you will be charged a late payment fee of CZK 100 per day. After 3 days, when we will not be able to call you and you will not contact us, we will have to charge you the full price of the game.

What if the game is damaged or missing a piece?

If the game is damaged or a part is lost, you will be fully responsible for the damage. This includes, but is not limited to, fire, flood, fluid, human and animal damage. As well as the missing pieces.

Read the complete list of conditions .

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