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New activities that we like in 2018

We always look around and try to find new and exciting activities, restaurants, drinks or tours for you. Some of these tips are new to us and some are brand new to the city:

Fat Cat - haven't been there yet, we are surely planning to do so and definitely try the beer sampler.

Fat Cat beer tasting, photo copyright @ Fat Cat

Cantina - oldie but goldie. This place has been opened for a while, but we visited recently for the first time and we just keep coming back and back and is really hard to stop going as their fajitas are out of this world!

Best Fajitas in Prague, photo copyright @ Cantina

Sousto bistro - opened in the last month at Ujezd, just across the bridge from the National Theater. It's new, refreshing and tasty - we tried several items on their menu and all were excellent. Fried loaded with puller pork, cheese, jalapenos, milk shake, smoothie and soup.

Fries at Sousto

Czech Poster Museum - brand new museum is showing over 600 posters from a private collection, some are nearly 100 years old. Children have free entry.

Czech posters

Trabant tours with Martina - well this is also nothing new, she has been offering these fun rides in an classic Trabant car for years, but it is new to us and after just one test ride we are hooked and became instant Trabi fans.

Trabant tours in Prague

Last but not least - these tiger twins Wanita and Bulan are new to Prague ZOO, born in October 2017. They are funny and playful. Prague ZOO is fun to visit any time of the year.

Wanita and Bulan, photo copyright @ Prague ZOO

Kid in the City

PS: We have also updated our fun and unique Prague Ultimate Scavenger Hunt and for the season 2018 we are working on new outdoor tours, 6 Pub Treasure Hunt and Kid in the City, tour of our town for the youngest travelers.

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