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Fun Prague activities we like

Prague is visited every year by millions of tourists, each of them comes for a different reason: some come on a business trip, but most visitors are looking for leisure activities.

The great thing about Prague is that she is so versatile: you can come for a romantic weekend getaway or for the wildest last night of freedom.

Fun in Prague

Our staff at the reception is often asked: what else should we do in Prague that is fun? What other fun things in Prague can you recommend?

The answer depends on what have you done already and what you are looking for, so here we sum up out some of our favorite places:

Things to do when you want to have fun:

Escape rooms - we have visited several rooms of our competitors and we like nearly all of them. Each time you go, it is a different experience and adrenaline. Currently there are over 50 rooms in Prague, different themes and locations. When looking for an escape room, check not only the price, location and difficulty, but pay close attention to the theme. Personally I prefer mysterious, dark games, but no blood. Yuck.

escape room in Prague, Czech Trap

Grevin wax museum - simple, but fun way to spend couple hours, when you want or have to stay inside. There is also an interactive part to it, where you can turn yourself into a wax figurine.

Grevin Prague

Museum of legends - you probably won't spend too much time in the museum, but it is fun, interactive and teach you a lot about the ghosts and legends of old Prague.

Museum of Legends, Prague

Laser games - laser arena, when you want to feel active and burn some calories. There are several in the city, one right by the Narodni Trida.

Laser games

Zoo - one of the best Zoos in the world.

Prague ZOO

Tiger store - shop that changes daily, literally. You can come one day and decide you want to come tomorrow to purchase this little cute you must absolutely have, but next day it can be gone. They sell whole lots of little useful things for household, souvenirs, things you positively don't need, but will buy anyway. It's fun.

Bowling - Bowling Celnice has really good location, just minutes from downtown or tram station Masarykovo nadrazi. Serve good pizza as well.

Bowling Celnice

Things to do in Prague, when visiting with big boys

When you are visiting with a group of big boys, you want to have fun, have few drinks, eat good food, play and possibly see some ladies.

Darling Cabaret just off the Wenceslas Square can definitely help with that - 3 stages, lots of fun.

Stag Prague

How about a little competition? Nothing too serious: black light putt putt with drinks or shots. We know how to host stag party.

Stag party in Prague

If you are looking for some shooting action and guns - we learned that you may need to book your appointment ahead.

Shooting fun

Things to do if you travel with kids

We haven't met a young travellers, who didn't like playing mini golf while wearing glow in the dark facepaint, but this is a list of other activities to keep your young ones occupied:

Prague black light mini golf

Karel Zeman Museum - interactive museum about the legend of Czech movie and film industry. It helps to know the classics, but even if you don't you will have blast in there. On weekends they also organize fun workshops.

Karel Zeman museum

Hamleys - do we have to say more? The British toy store is now in Prague! They do not only sell fun toys and small selection of books, but also offer several attractions, some for free (water table, lego, lego car racing), some for an admission (car racing, diggers, mirror maze). It's like a little Neverland in the middle of the Chaos.


Lego museum - close to the MY department store. Fun to watch some of the models, push buttons and make it move. They have a small lego play area.

Lego museum

Municipal library - if you need to relax for a bit or looking for a quiet activity, flip pages thru few books and find the end to the book tunnel.

Municipal library

Also don't forget to visit Vytopna restaurant and have your drinks arrive on a train cargo right onto your table.


Things to do in Prague if you prefer outdoors fun:

Segways were quite popular in Prague, but also got banned from most of the city center, so the new IT thing is electric scooters or classic electric bikes. If we could recommend - go for the bike. You will see so much and have a chance to see the city from a different perspective. The little scooters look bit funny and not comfy, but if you wanna tease each other...go for it!

Vltava boats

Than there are boats, big boats and little boats. Rent a small boat and spend romantic hour sailing by the National Theater and Zofin Island. Or buy tickets for a Jazz evening on a big boat or dinner experience. Heck if you in it, you can even sleep on a boat.

Farmer's Market

And the ultimate outdoor experience - visit a farmer's market. Spring is coming and there will be many of these, It's always good to smell the real food, sample few things and feel good about it for being "local".

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