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21 reasons to visit Prague in 2017

New year has come and we want to wish you all the best, health and happiness in this great year full of new opportunities and fun and hope to see you in Prague.

Prague winter activities

Our goal is to give you 365 reasons to visit Prague and here is the first batch:

Do you love history?

As you may have heard, Prague is fairly old city with history going 1000 years back...and counting. If you do find a pleasure in seeing old palaces, churches or touching the bricks that remember the kings... Yup, Prague is your bit.

Places we like in particular:

Old Royal Palace at the Prague castle, Vladislav Hall: it has been a silence witness to many stately ceremonies for over 500 years. If you get lucky and happen to be alone in the Hall you may hear the footsteps of kings.

City Tours

Golden Street, Old Town: this is not the famous Golden Lane at Prague Castle, it is a very quiet small street in the Old Town, that looks more like a passage or and entrance to a house as, unlike other streets nowadays, has opening hours and is being locked down at night.

Charles Bridge: as cheesy at it may sound, it is truly a beautiful romantic place. Some say that spiritually speaking the dark energy from Vysehrad and white energy from Prague Castle meet in the area of the bridge and that's why it feels some magical, early morning magical that is as in the heat of the tourist season it feels like this:

Charles Bridge

Petrin Hill: no need to climb the tower unless there is a really good weather and you want to see the view, but the hill itself is very peaceful and offers breathtaking views of the city. Nothing else screams spring! like a walk on Petrin Hill (in the spring time, right now it may scream freaking cold!).

Things to do in Prague?

Wallenstein Garden: Ok, it will open in April first as all gardens in Prague, but it is absolutely worth the visit. Big pond with renaissance statues and big orange, white and dark fish, small garden maze, freaky wall - you will see what we mean. once you get there (will tell you more about it next time) and white peacocks.

Fun in Prague

But perhaps you are not such a history buff and look for other pleasures in life, such as


Beer: no need to introduce the fact that Prague is more or less known as the capital of beer. And for our American friends - the drinking age limit is 18 here. You can buy beer in any of the tons of restaurants in Prague or get picky and visit microbreweries such as U Fleku (dark sweet beer, yum) or get to the PUB or Prague Beer Museum to test less known brands from local Czech breweries. One brand we recommend in particular is Uneticky pivovar, which is on tap close to our mini golf in the caffee Velryba. At Prague Golf and Games we offer among others also unfiltered Staropramen, which is a more natural beer with little cloudy look but fresh taste.

U Fleku

Other spirits:

Becherovka - herb liquor, don't like it personally, but many do. It is made of 13 herbs, recipe is a secret of course.

Slivovitz: yes! At least one, although some say the second one tastes better...third one probably too.


Absinth: the real deal, prohibited in certain countries. Boy, oh boy is it strong. You can taste it in Kavarna Slavia while adoring the picture from Oliva, Absinth drinker. Or visit Absentheria, that offers many types of absinth.

Absinth fairy

Or you came to try the local water? Well it tastes like any other water, but the once from Karlovy Vary or Marianske Lazne, famous spa towns, taste quite different and can help you to cure health issues. Both cities are about 2h away from Prague by train - day trip!

Let's talk food. You should not leave Czech without trying the basics:


Cabbage soup

Apple Strudel

We would also add to it Horalky cookies (once you try it you will understand) and big fat oil dripping sausage.

Klobasa sausage

After all this food you may need a walk again - just get out and get lost in the Old Town streets, you will find you way out, don't worry. It will be fun and exciting.

Next time we will write a list of our favorite activities in Prague, working on it already.

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