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Winter is Prague

It has been snowing already, but the real winter with cold wind, low temperatures and white (hopefully) snow is coming. Is it a good time to visit Prague? Are there still enough things to do? Yes!

Why? Here are the first dozen reasons we can think about:

1/Prague under snow is breathtakingly beautiful and romantic...also pretty slippery.

Prague in winter

2/Snow in Prague was very rare in the last few years, so let's keep crossed fingers for this year.

Snow in Prague

3/ Christmas markets are fun “thing to do”… or to spend money.

Christmas market Prague

4/ You can drink hot wine nonstop. In fact you can drink your way thru the whole historical center...from hot wine stop to mulled wine to gluhwine and back to hot wine...sounds like a great day and great Prague activity for adults it is.

Hot wine

5/ There are fewer people in the town.

6/ New Year's celebrations - come on, this is the beer capital, where beer is cheaper than water!

New Year Prague

7/ It is fun to take a boat ride on the somewhat frozen Vltava river.

8/ You can stay inside your hotel and order from the room service menu as prices here are decent.

Room service

9/ You can play your way thru winter holidays, Prague offers over 50 escape games, which has been a top ranked activity in the last several months.

Escape room game Prague

10/ Is there another city with so many bars and pubs and locals and restaurants and cocktail places so close to each other?

11/ Public transportation is great, for a very good price you can ride trams all around the city all day long.

Prague trams

12/ Prague airport employees don't go on strike as much as in some other countries, so you are likely to arrive and leave right on time.

Prague airport

Don’t be worried if there will be enough things to do when you come to visit Prague in winter, your real problem will be to fit as many great Prague activities in your weekend getaway as you can (and yes, sipping hot wine or chocolate, while sitting in a big fluffy chair and doing nothing does count as a activity).

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