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When is the best time to visit Prague?



The colors – not quite yet, but in few weeks all the parks and gardens will amaze you with a wide spectrum of all colors possible. Petrin hill and the tower (yes, it does look like the Eiffel Tower, in fact it is an exact copy of her sister in Paris. Just a bit smaller. Well if you would to compare those and could place them side by side, both towers will be the same height as long as the Petrin tower is on top of the hill)…

…anyhow back to the beauties of nature in Prague: visit the Petrin hill and take many many photos (not selfies) to capture all the wide colors of the autumn in Prague.

Visit all the gardens below and around Prague Castle before they close for winter. Most of them are open till the end of October.

Take tram 22 to the station Kralovsky Letohradek, wait for the tram to leave and safely get on the tracks to be able to capture this photo with the historical tram 91 if you want to wait around for it to come of course.

The temperature – it is not too hot or too cold, just perfect weather for a stroll around the town. The sun sets down in the early evening and allows you to capture the most stunning photos of Prague Castle. (The best time for evening sky photos is at dusk. Hint hint ) But what if it does get cold or rains? You can’t wish for anything better than that: you can visit all or some of the countless pubs and restaurants in Prague. To do what?

Drink! Taste all kinds of beer until you find the one you like the most; give Becherovka and Sliwovitz a try.

Eat! Give a chance to the cabbage soup, it’s filling and divine. (Also gives you gas.) Have a sausage, potato pancake and goulash with dumplings. If you want some sweets please don’t buy Trdlo…do it for yourself, it has the least to do with a Czech traditional cuisine, it’s overpriced piece of dough with sugar and cinnamon on it. But if you must give it a try, go to Karlova street as this tiny store has the best one in town (yes, we have tried it, even the ones with ice cream and salad).

What if you not hungry or thirsty (are you sure about that?)

There are countless museums, galleries and fun activities to do and visit. Whatever your heart desires: from classic art to sex museums.


That’s lucky, because seeing Prague under snow is like being transferred to a fairy tale. It was quite common in the past to see snow in Prague, but lately it’s been very rare. You do want to catch the first clean snow though, as it is so romantic and it brings your spirits up when you can step in the crunchy soft white virgin snow.

When you see snow falling you must run out of the house no matter what and go for a stroll as it doesn’t take long and this light, white soft beautiful snowflakes turn into nasty muddy splashy puddles, get mixed with the salt and other chemicals used on the sidewalks and become dark monster mud (like a mood swing of a 3 year old toddler). Yuck, is it spring yet?


Oh yes, some do like Prague in spring as much as Prague in fall. I am not one of those people as I have allergies…but most others do like the refreshing spring smell, flowers blooming and all the new that spring brings. And the Easter traditions.

We shall have a whole blog about Easter Czech traditions, but let me clue you in – it’s fun, very colorful and can hurt (Girl’s bottoms. Boys can use Pomlazka sticks to whip girl’s bottoms on Easter Monday so “they stay fresh and healthy”…Bollocks I say.). And it’s fragile. Especially the eggs.


Summer in Prague is the one season when locals are outnumbered by tourists: everybody leaves the town as often as they can for as long as they can, thus nothing gets done. Except tram tracks renovations – it’s a fine tradition to work on tram tracks the whole summer so you have to learn new tram routes and as soon as you master those the summer is over and trams are back to normal.

But it’s also the time of summer gardens! You can eat and drink the same as in fall or winter but outside, on the streets and be sure it tastes utterly different. It is said it’s healthy to eat out on the fresh air. So have one dumpling, it’s healthy.

Lots of young tourists travel to the city in summer (well they are mostly students and need to attend school for the rest of the year) – so the nightlife is top notch and if you want to meet your summer romance love, it’s best to travel to Prague in summer.

I love summer in Prague, summer nights, fresh summer mornings…well don’t like the hot hot afternoons, when the streets are just so hot, that they have to spray them with water…usually right before rain comes. But it is also a tradition in Prague…it was mention in books in late 19th century already!

Luckily many bars and pubs are located in cellars, where the temperature is the same year around, so at the end it does not matter when you come for visit. This city has something to offer year around.