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Filmed in Prague

It is a well known fact by now, that Prague is a popular location to Hollywood movie and commercial makers.

Apart of the beautiful scenery and fairly cheap production it is very versatile as Prague can be sold on the silver screen as Prague, Vienna, Budapest or quite any European city.

One of the first "western"movies filmed in Prague was Amadeus, covering the story of life of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.


Prague charming neighborhoods also scream for romantic movies and fairy tales - like Prince & Me or Chasing Liberty.

Prince & Me

Historical movies taking place in Vienna find home often in Prague as well, like Illusionist:


Popular historical TV drama Borgia was also created partially in Prague:

At its time very popular teenage movie Eurotrip, covering story of young teenagers around Europe was exclusively filmed in Prague, but it leads you to believe to travel in many capitals around Europe.



Mission Impossible and Casino Royale could be one of the most popular ones filmed in the Czech capital.

Last year Prague was a witness to shooting of movie Operation Anthropoid, that should come to theaters this year.

You never know when you will stumble upon a film crew yourself - so stay camera ready :).

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