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Club recommendations from our Staff

We asked our staff where do they like to party or which places they would recommend and here are their tips:

Jana: I recommend anything in the Dlouha street neighborhood as Aloha Bar, Hangar or James Dean.

James Dean Bar
Aloha Bar

Or Rodeo as it's close to my place.


Petra: I don't really party, but I like this club called Harley's. Roxy isn't bad either I guess.



Pavel: I would add Rockcafe, which has often some concerts, but works as a club as far as I know (I have been there only once a while back on a concert, but it is really popular). After that I know only Time Out (which is located at Uhelny Trh). Its a little smaller club, but a nice one nonetheless, lots of tourists inside.



Matej: I send most of the people who ask me about clubs in Prague to Roxy ( at Dlouhá street) or Oneclub (just under Wenceslav's square, but it's a bit more expensive). For people who like to dance is Retro Music Hall ( at Náměstí míru) or Rodeo.


Very nice clubs are also chain of clubs called Popocafeptl. One of them is close to Národní třída (about 5 minutes walk).

Sasazu is a club as well not just restaurant. But they've got lots of concerts and private partys there. So you're never sure it's open for everyone.

And yes as you can see I go to clubs very often :D Cheers

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